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New Member
Oct 13, 2016
  1. Pre-Optometry
    I've been to all 3 schools (accepted) and I am really torn. Besides the education (clinics, etc) at each school which I'm sure is great, where do you think the greatest place to live is? Boston, vs Socal (fuellerton), vs Fort lauderdale (Florida). Any input would be great thank you guys.

    P.S. I'm from out of state and relatively don't travel alot but I'm big on an active lifestyle and relatively outgoing


    MBKU Southern California College of Optometry 2021
    Sep 21, 2016
    1. Optometry Student
      I may be bias..but I think California is an amazing place to live! I was born in California and have lived here my whole life. There's an endless amount of things to do around Fullerton. We have all the big theme parks and LA (not too far from Fullerton) has a lot of nice sightseeing/hiking places to go to. The weather here is great! It's pretty much sunny all the time so you can go the beach anytime you want. If you have any other questions about anything, just let me know! I'll be starting at SCCO in the upcoming fall as well so hope to see you there! :)
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      Full Member
      2+ Year Member
      Nov 6, 2014
      1. Optometry Student
        I'm from out of state and go to SCCO and love it! I live about 10 minutes from the school and feel super safe and there's a ton to do. In 30 minutes I can be at the beach and it's about an hour to LA. There is so much to do in the area. I would highly recommend going here to anyone. Let me know if you have any other questions!
        Oct 1, 2016
        1. Pre-Optometry
          each places has something special about them. if you are looking at cost, Nova would probably be the cheapest.

          Boston (NECO):
          +beautiful place to live
          +city life

          Fort Lauderdale/Davie (NOVA):
          +~15 minutes away from the beach
          +near other major cities in florida (orlando, miami)
          +affordable living
          +/- weather is hot and humid, during the fall and winter the weather is nice

          Fuellerton (SCCO):
          I don't know much about this school and area because I didn't apply there. If I had to guess, it's beautiful, but expensive just like all of California.
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