Feb 25, 2016
Hello everyone!

I used to be a pre-dental student, but I discovered pharmacy during the summer and realized that pharmacy really resonates with me more than dentistry did. I still have to take the PCAT, but I have most of my prerequisites already completed since most overlap with dental school prerequisites. I am just unsure if I should wait to apply for the next cycle or go ahead and apply for this cycle.

The main reason that I would wait until next cycle is that I do not have any pharmacy-related extracurriculars, but is that a significant factor? Also, I fear that if I apply for this cycle I would be too late and have to compete with other applicants who do have pharmacy experience and all of their courses completed.
The other reason is that I would have to scrounge for Letters of Recommendation. The only science professors that I can think of writing letters for me are the professors that wrote me letters for when I was in the process of applying to dental school during early summer, and I feel like it would look bad if I turned around and asked them to write me new letters for a different field :oops:

What are your opinions on what I should do? Should I take my time and apply for the 2018 cycle, or do you think I have a chance to go ahead and apply for this cycle? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Jun 10, 2010
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Can't advise for Pharm..this forum is for pre-meds.