Jan 2, 2014
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Hello everybody,

I am an IMG doctor currently doing my internship in my home town (in north Africa), i am really frustrated which country to go after completing my inter year?, I am focusing on these countries (USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)?, though i am interested in pediatrics or pathology, i don't care too much about speciality (all medicine is nice ^ ^), so any ideas what is my chance to get residency and job in these countries?.



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Mar 24, 2012
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Best country is USA since you don't have to be a citizen to apply and they regularly accept IMGs too. Are you an internationally funded trainee (meaning does your government have an agreement with Canada to send doctors to train in Canada)? If you aren't then you can't come to Canada unless of course you are a citizen or permanent resident. New Zealand and Australia I believe are pretty tough almost impossible since they consider IMGs last when giving out residencies (I believe they will give out residencies to everyone before they give one out to a IMG who isn't a citizen).
Oct 14, 2014
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I had a friend that did a lot of clinical rotations in US to get experience and he said it helped his residency application. He used placement companies to get the rotations. There were ones in NYC, Atlanta, and Arizona. I don't remember the names maybe ang and umr?