NPR: "Changes in Battlefield Medicine"

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    Heard on NPR; thought it was interesting, sobering and inspiring stuff.

    Talk of the Nation, May 8, 2007 ยท One of the success stories from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is the number of troops who survive the injuries they suffer on the battlefield. A medic, a nurse, a combat surgeon and a psychologist who have served in Iraq describe what works well and what needs to be improved.

    Navy Cmdr. Richard Jadick, combat doctor in Fallujah, Iraq; awarded Bronze Star with a Combat V for valor; author, On Call in Hell: A Doctor's Iraq War Story

    Hospital Corpsman Jeremy Moore, Hospital Corpsman, Second Class

    Cmdr. Tina Ortiz, served as a nurse in a field hospital near the combat zone in Jalabar, Iraq

    Lt. Cmdr. Tara Smith, psychologist assigned to Army 113th Medical Company; provided mental health services, education and debriefings to combat troops to prevent and treat PTSD

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