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NPTE Oct 2015


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Jan 29, 2012
  1. Physical Therapist
    My husband says that his computer had problem, when he was on middle of 5th section, his computer got shutdown because of testing center's computer issue.
    When computer came back online, he had only 10 minutes left and he could not complete about 15 questions. He lost some time.
    Now what happens?

    If he fails, he can appeal and not have the test count towards a failure. He may also ask for a comped retake if that is the case.
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    Nov 10, 2010
    1. Physical Therapist
      Hi I also took the exam last week, do you guys know where ( which website) can I find the results on thuesday?

      please help
      Hi! under the fsbpt website, on the right side click "check the status of your registration" The results in July were posted late Tuesday night around 9pm central... hopefully this is the same for Oct! the waiting game is miserable
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      Jun 9, 2015
      1. Physical Therapist
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        Nov 3, 2015
        1. Pre-Physical Therapy
          what happens if u didn't make it after 6 attempts?
          you can no longer practice?
          Few states allow for appealing. As of the new rule from 2016, a minimum of 400 on a scaled score is required. If a person scores less than 400 on a scaled score, he/she will be eligible for only one more time to take the exam irrespective for the 6 attempts!
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