NSU (Davie) vs. NYIT (Old Westbury)


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Nov 10, 2014
  1. Pre-Medical
    NSU vs. NYIT (Both DO)

    NSU (Nova Southeastern University - Fort Lauderdale, FL)

    • Close to home (mom can bring me food!)
    • Familiar to me, grew up in the area, I know people there (though not necessarily friends with those people)
    • Off campus housing is abundant
    • Rotations are around the area, can easily drive to
    • Sunny, though not a fan of the heat
    • Infrastructure, cleanliness
    • Meh match list
    • I've heard curriculum is brutal (moreso than other med schools)
    • Random mandatory things (rural rotation, others I'm unaware of)... this con doesn't really bother me

    NYIT (New York Institute of Technology - Old Westbury, NY)

    • I want to end up in the Northeast; they seem to have great connections
    • Pretty great match list, especially for the field I want to go into
    • I love NY and the Northeast - the weather, food, culture, people
    • Proximity to NYC (after exams woo)
    • Rotations in hospitals I potentially may want to match at
    • Cost of living is absurd, though I would make it work
    • I've heard NYIT is more of a commuter school = less camaraderie. I really want a community, make friends.
    • Rotations are potentially scattered around NYC and commute time seems ridiculous (are they? someone please enlighten me)
    Question: Are they both P/F?

    Blessed to have options, but am really torn here. Quality of life is important to me, but so is reaching my end goal. Thanks for any input!
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