NSU (Tampa) vs DMU


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Nov 15, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hi all. I was recently accepted off the waitlist for DMU after preparing to attend NSU. Pros/Cons:

    -Has a better reputation
    -Cheaper ($7000 savings each year)
    -Close to home (Iowa resident)
    -high pass rates

    -I really don't want to stay in Iowa
    -Want to pursue residency/future in the south rather than midwest
    -lack of diversity?
    -more difficult to find good apartment close to campus

    -Florida - I'm willing to settle down here or in Texas
    -new curriculum (could be pro and con) that focuses more on boards
    -newer site for school may provide opportunities for leadership, research, and closer connections with faculty?
    -feel like I really fit in with the students here
    -already found an apartment/roommates
    -more opportunities to meet similar people
    -possible clinical research opportunities at residency hospitals (I know a few residents in TY-Anesthesia and IM)

    -most recent pass rates are at 91% (could get better with new curriculum)
    -more expensive
    -has an iffy reputation on SDN (students have told me it's getting better)
    -far from home

    I'm not sure what specialty I'm looking into, but interested in primary care, EM, and Anesthesia.

    Thanks in advance!
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