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Number-Heavy Schools


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Mar 24, 2009
    The usual extracurriculars, nothing too fancy:
    - Two years volunteering at local and university hospitals
    - Extensive shadowing (various surgical, ER shadowing)
    - 1 1/2 years of research: no publications as of now but my project was recently selected for federal funding (ie. I am now in the process of helping to select a post-doc, which means future publications)
    - Usual outside volunteer experiences, including leadership and one of several founding members for a university chapter that sends medical trips to Honduras
    - Various other activities, fellowships, academic awards, etc.
    Your ECs look fine to me, but consider including Wash U which seems to be very number oriented.


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    Jul 4, 2008
    1. Attending Physician
      I hate to ask this, and please don't spam me, but are there any allopathic schools that are notorious for focusing on numbers (GPA, MCAT)? I've got an okay application, but my EC's are somewhat lacking (compared to the SDN population, which makes me feel horrible about myself). The only positive aspects of my application are GPA (4.00) and MCAT (41T). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

      WashU. I'll see you when you matriculate here.
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      Med school drop out!
      10+ Year Member
      Jan 12, 2009
      1. Non-Student
        You're a WA-SHO-IN!!!!! Get it? Its a combination of WashU and Sho-In. Don't worry, a 4 point Oh and a 4T1 is enough to get two shoes in. Heck, you might even be a 2Sho-in. BUH DUM CHIS! *does the drum fill that is indicative of a joke* DOTCOM!.biz
        I lost you at "Don't worry" lol but it's either really late or I don't know what the hell happened to the rest of that post haha
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