Apr 22, 2010
I was wondering if there's a minimum number of science courses I have to take during my Senior year. I will have taken all of my prereqs and biochem by the end of this year and I am planning on applying this summer.

Due to graduation requirements that have I have been pushing back and my desire to take Spanish courses, I will only have room in my schedule for 1 upper division course each semester next year.

I'm a biochem major so will it look bad if I don't take a lot of science courses senior year? (I've taken from 2 to 4 science courses a semester over the past three years for my major)

Thank you.
Jul 29, 2010
Take the classes you want to take and just be sure to do well in them. If you have a good science gpa already you have already proven this. If they ask during an interview why you did not take more science say it's because your interested in ________.