Jul 20, 2014
How many SIMULATED FLE's did you do/do you plan to do before the actual MCAT?


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Aug 20, 2015
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I'm shooting for around 10, trying to incorporate a diverse range of test prep FL's


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Apr 30, 2015
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How many SIMULATED FLE's did you do/do you plan to do before the actual MCAT?
In my experience, 5 FL exams is the bare minimum students need to have a good idea of how you will do once the big day comes. I recommend to my students that they aim to take 10 over the course of 12-16 weeks of study. Personally I took 16, but I didn't take them all as whole exams. @younggunner94 is right. Since this MCAt is so new, it isn't clear yet which exams are the most useful for the average pre-med and scaled scores are largely worthless on any practice test not from the AAMC (which has exactly 0 scaled tests out). Get a couple from a few companies. EK and NextStep both offer exams without having to buy anything else and have a good general consensus about them as far as looking/feeling like the real thing. They are not your only option. This thread HERE has a good overview of all the diff tests out there.

Be sure to get a hold of the AAMC practice test (there will be another one released in a few weeks) because that will be your single best predictor of your readiness.

Remember though, that quality >>>>> quantity What I mean is do not rush to take exam after exam. Take your time (typically 1-2 full days) to review your exam in depth. you want to identify weak areas, timing/pacing/endurance/strategy issues, and come up with specific homework to do based on the results. This takes time.

Good luck!