Nurse Practitioner vs. Dental Assistant vs. Pharmacy Technician vs. Childcare Worker

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Apr 20, 2012

Bro, that's like, a huge range you got there.

In fact all of those things have quite a huge gap between them as far as absolutely everything about them is concerned.

NP = 6ish years of school. Semi-autonomous (and occasionally totally autonomous) practice of medicine (which is instead called advanced nursing).

Dental Assistant = Anywhere from 6 month certificate to 2 year A.S. degree. You will take x-rays, assist with dental procedures, and so on.

Pharmacy Technician = No school required in many, simply take the PTCB and then start pharmacy teching. You will stock/fill meds and in some places do compounding or IV mixtures.

Childcare = I don't even know.

Not that it matters anyway. Respiratory Care is totally the best of all those, but you didn't select it as an option, so I choose none of the above.
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