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Jul 18, 2006
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I was just curious, are there any Nurses who have thought about Med. Sch after their Nursing degree, or any Nursing students who are going into an area in medicine after their Nursing degree? I'm considering becoming a Psychiatrist or Pediatrician after my Bsc.N. I'll be starting my first year in Nursing in September. I've heard that Nursing is tough and I'm just worried that I won't do well in the program and that in the end, my GPA won't be high enough for Med. Sch. I did Psychology last yr. in my first y. of uni., and one of my main reasons for changing into Nursing this yr. (besides helping out my Family -b/c it's a 4-yr program and you''re sure to get a job after finishing the degree) is to eventually go to Med. Sch. and go into one of the professions I mentioned above, and that if I don't get in to Med. Sch, I can always become a Nurse. I enjoyed my Psych. courses last yr. I enjoy arts more than science courses. Of all the sciences I like Biology the most. I'm not too fond of Chemistry and Physics, probably b/c I didn't do that great in them in high sch. no matter how hard I tried. I've done some career assessments tests at school last yr. and online, and Psychiatrist, Psychologist seemed to always be at the top of the list for almost all of them, then Pediatrician, Physician. Nurse came next. I'm just wondering if I made the wrong decision by choosing Nursing, should I have stayed in a program I enjoy and can do well in (Psychology), a program that may give me a better chance of getting into Med. sch and reaching my ultimate goal -Psychiatry or Pediatrician? I'm also concerned with how I'll juggle my Nursing courses with the courses I'll need to take for Med sch. (ex; organic chem), since some med. schs and nursing schs. have different prerequisites. After high sch., I battled whether to go into Psychology or Nursing. In the end I chose Psych. A few months ago after my first yr., I decided to change into Nursing and have gotten into a Nursing Sch. Now I'm having second thoughts again and thinking I'm making a huge mistake, and my Parents will go crazy if I tell them about going back to Psychology again. I hate being so indecisive too, but I'm just trying to make the right decison w/o having any regrets lateron. Not that I'll hate Nursing b/c with it I can always fullfill my desire of helping pple, but it just was never my top career choice to begin with. I'll greatly appreciate your advice or input.


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Aug 12, 2004
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I wouldn't recommend doing a nursing program if you want to become a doctor. Having that as a major won't help you in terms of med school admissions, in most cases, but it may hurt you. There is a nursing shortage, so taking up a spot in training if you don't intend to be a nurse probably will not look very good. Also, you mentioned not liking chemistry and physics, but you will need to take a fair amount of both if you want to go to med school, regardless of your major.

I'm sort of confused about why you switched out of psychology in the first place. Psychology is a much better major than nursing for someone who intends to go to medical school. (But you can major in anything, including humanities as a pre-med student.) Think about what you would like to do, rather than what a test says is a good fit for you.
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