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MSW Nursing or MSW or OT...

Discussion in 'Mental Health and Social Welfare' started by PsychadelicTech, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. PsychadelicTech


    Jun 2, 2015
    Hi, I will do my best to make a long story short.
    First intro name is Doug 29 y.o. male and a non licensed psychiatric counselor with a degree in the human service field. Worked in inpatient and residential psych facilities for almost 5 to 6 year's.
    As far as my current role at work I am a mix of a PCT (Phlebotomy/EKGs/ADLS/Vitals) and on the psych side (Admissions/Setting up care plans/Documenting patients progress regarding treatment goals/Facilitating groups/Working on daily living skills).

    I have been for the last three semesters going back to college and taking my prerequisites for nursing. Taken so far: Intro to Psych (B+); Intro to Chem (B); AP 1 (B-), AP 2 (In progress); Microbiology (In progress). Taking Lifespan & Development, Pre-Calculus, and Chem 1 next fall. Then in the Spring plan to take Chem 2, Spanish 1, and Stats.

    I already applied to 2 programs and was wait listed at them (100 out of 106). I plan to apply to three more nursing programs this coming fall as well.

    However, looking for a backup plan if not accepted in the last three programs applying to this fall.

    Considering a few options...
    1.) Apply to a weekend OT program
    2.) Apply to the CC PTA program and eventually bridge to OT (There is an OT program right over in the next State I live that has a bridge PTA to OT program)
    3.) Apply to an online degree program in Health Administration, Industrial Psychology, or Human Resources
    4.) Apply to a MSW program

    I am really leaning towards options 2 and 4. I have been encouraged to not apply to any MSW programs by a lot of social workers. However, with that said do have to take that info with some filtering as many are individuals who have burned out left the profession due to the paperwork and low pay.

    Curious on your thoughts regarding an LCSW? Great career choice? Stability? Do you enjoy your job?

    I appreciate any feedback or insight can offer. I greatly appreciate the wisdom can offer up.

    Also should mention I am applying in the fall to a PTA program, 2 OT weekend programs, an MSW program, and 3 RN programs.

    I feel I have a shot at the PTA and MSW programs. If in my shoes what would you choose?
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  3. sabine_psyd


    Mar 2, 2017
    What job would you enjoy the most and why? I think balancing where your passion is, along with logistics such as likelihood of attaining that goal and the financial commitments are important factors.
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  4. AcronymAllergy

    AcronymAllergy Neuropsychologist Moderator Psychologist Gold Donor Classifieds Approved 7+ Year Member

    Jan 7, 2010
    Agreed--what is it you'd actually like to do? Those three fields typically have pretty disparate day-to-day duties.

    Based solely on job outlook, RN will probably result in the easiest path to finding good pay and being in high demand pretty much everywhere.
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