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NW better than Univ of Chicago...huh?

Discussion in 'Anesthesiology' started by GassiusClay, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. GassiusClay

    GassiusClay PGY-2 2+ Year Member

    Jan 23, 2007
    All lists are already done so can't influence anything now except future applicants.

    So what is so much better about NW than Univ of Chicago? At least I noticed this in the rank list thread arguments. Univ of Chicago is on the south side, but look what's really close by. You don't live there and it's easy to get to by Lake Shore. Also, NW you get worked harder, which could mean more experience with procedural skills (a.k.a reason to make yourself feel better about longer hours). Does somebody know some inside info that I don't?

    And on a side note, how much better is UCLA anesthesia overall compared to NW or Univ of Chicago based on overall training? I assume its ranking is determined a lot by weather.

    Please fill me in just because I'm curious.
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  3. RockLee

    RockLee 5+ Year Member

    Sep 16, 2006
    check out the Rank List thread, i asked a similar thing there and got some answers..
  4. n2bait

    n2bait 2+ Year Member

    Feb 21, 2007
    I discussed this topic before and ruffled some feathers, so I will watch my words...

    Having interviewed at both, I can tell you that most applicants came into those interviews feeling that NW and U of C were the strongest programs in Chicago, and about in equal standing. So what happened that made people pick NW over U of C on their rank lists (at least according to the "Final Rank List" thread)?

    I will tell you that people walked away from the U of C interview with mixed feelings, but came away from NW with a very positive attitude about the program. Some people had a problem with the facilities/location of the U, but I didn't. Some also didn't like the interviewers (one of mine was pretty critical of my school:(). A big part of the interviewing process is to "sell" the program, and in my opinion NW did a better job at that.

    Both are very good programs with no real weakness, but I chose NW over U of C because of the subspecialty strength and strong regional (not to take ANYTHING away from U of C).

    I ranked UCLA over both because of location. If all three programs were in LA I would rank NW>U of C>UCLA.
  5. cchoukal

    cchoukal Senior Member Moderator 10+ Year Member

    Jul 10, 2001
    SF, CA
    I'm not sure where these rumors about differences in hours started, but I'm at the U of C and I have a buddy from med school who's at NW and we work about the same (avg 55-70 hrs/wk, typically). In any case, they're both strong programs. We have a few recent faculty transfers from NW who say things like, "It's malignant there and they make it hard for faculty to take time to teach and do research," but that's based on just the couple faculty that I know from there. At the same time, we have this reputation for being the "Academic" program in town, but to be honest, we don't seem to publish much.

    I don't know anything about NW's regional, but we have two very busy upper-extr ortho guys and two moderately busy lower extr ortho guys (not counting all the hips/knees), so we do a buttload. I'm a CA1, and I've done 40 or so regional cases (out of my 300 cases thus far. spinals, nerve blocks, epidurals, including 3 or 4 thoracics in the pain service). I don't know if this is a lot or not, but that's what I've done. tomorrow I'm threading under fluoro an epidural catheter from the sacrum to T6 on an 11 month-old having a nephrectomy.
  6. Huskergrl


    Nov 7, 2006
    Give me a break. If a program has a decent accreditation (4/5 yrs, maybe even 3), then it is an ok program. There is no official "ranking" of programs by any one source. Therefore, what makes a program great is if it fits what you, personally, are looking for. That's it. Yes, some programs are obviously stronger than others but all the "top tier" BS is just that--BS. Get over the idea of going to a program that is known for one thing or another. Instead, pay attention to your needs/wants on the interview trail and you'll end up at the right place.

    Sorry for the rant, but there is a thread like this every other day, and I just don't think you need any sort of validation to rank a place highly if you really want to.
  7. VentdependenT

    VentdependenT You didnt build thaT Physician Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Oct 3, 2003
    well stated

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