Oct 7, 2014
I have several questions regarding New York pharmacy law. I am taking the NY MPJE this week, and I need clarification on multiple topics. I haven't worked in a retail pharmacy in NY, so I apologize if some of these questions seem obvious or simple. Please help, even if you only know the answer to one or just a few of my questions. Thank you so much in advance!

1. If a prescription for a brand medication has "DAW" written on it, can the patient still request generic and may a pharmacist fill as generic?

2. When a patient requests a non-controlled prescription be transferred to another pharmacy, only one refill can be transferred at one time. What happens to the original prescription on file with the original pharmacy?
If the prescription had multiple refills left, can the original pharmacy still fill them?
Can one refill be transferred to one pharmacy, then another refill be transferred to different pharmacy, then another refill to yet a different pharmacy?
*This aspect of the law is extremely confusing, and if anyone could explain this in a simple, but very detailed answer, I would humbly appreciate it*

3. Can a practitioner prescribe for themselves? Can a practitioner prescribe for family members? What if the practitioner is out-of-state of where they are licensed, can they prescribe for themselves or family members?

4. Are retail pharmacies allowed to sell hypodermic syringes/needles? In a retail pharmacy, do the hypodermic syringes/needles need to be in a safe or locked away?

5. If a veterinarian writes a prescription for a human legend drug, can a pharmacist fill it?


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Jul 28, 2007
Gator15Bait, check your private messages inbox. I've sent you some additional info to help with your questions.