NY resident. 3.42 cGPA, 3.42 sGPA, 35 MCAT

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May 19, 2013
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Definitely apply to DO schools unless you will always wonder "what if MD" or if you will feel embarrassed. Work your ass of and you will be a great doctor regardless of where you go.

I am a reapplicant this year too. Aimed too high last year but will be doing DO this year as well. GPA is my biggest weakness since I had a lot of Bs. Should have done a postbacc or SMP but I was stupid.


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Aug 3, 2012
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I applied this past cycle (2012-2013) to about 30 MD schools. No interviews, no acceptances. Most of these schools were way too competitive and I was naive to apply to them.

I applied with a 3.4 cGPA and 3.3 postbacc GPA and 30 MCAT. My MCAT breakdown was:

PS: 8
BS: 10
VR: 12


1. 1 year Research Associate in Emergency Room
2. 2 months international volunteering (in several hospital somewhere in asia)
3. 100+ hours of physician shadowing
4. A pretty cool hobby that I'm pretty accomplished in.
5. Various community service.

Seeing the writing on the wall in late 2012, I improved my application in the following ways:

1. Took an additional course and brought my postbacc GPA to 3.42
2. Improved my MCAT to a 35 with the breakdown:

PS: 10
BS: 12
VR: 13

3. Completed an 80-hour Wilderness First Responder course
4. Completed 50+ hours volunteering on an ICU
5. Volunteered in a human performance lab for 2 months
6. Started doing community service guiding a handcyclist in races.
7. Continued working part-time as a personal trainer.

I'll be applying broadly to 25+ schools, all the usual suspects. Possibly applying to a few DO schools as well.

Well. What do you guys think?

Wow you really did improve your application!!!!! You hopefully will get better luck this year:)