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Jun 30, 2005
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I thought most of dental schools don't require bachelor's degree prior to the application.

But NYC website says
"Requirements for Admission
All students applying to the New York University College of Dentistry must meet the minimum requirements as follows:

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university, including all prerequisite courses. Consideration will be given to students with at least a G.P.A. of 3.5 who have completed 90 credits (including all prerequisite courses) at an accredited college or university.

Students with any incomplete and/or pending science requirements will be at a disadvantage when their applications are reviewed."

Does this mean
1. I have to have bachelor's degree before applying?
2. I can't take classes in fall because they will accept/reject students before we get letter grade for fall classes and incomplete/pending letter grades will put us at a disadvantage?


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Jan 5, 2008
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They require a bachelor's to matriculate. You can apply if you haven't earned one yet and still get interviewed and accepted. As a condition of your acceptance though you will need to earn your degree before d-school starts.

Increasingly more and more schools require a bachelors even if they don't outright say it. It's just getting to competitive to get in without one....though you could get lucky.


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Jun 30, 2008
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Matt's right. It's almost impossible to get in without it. Most applicants have it so schools have no need to consider somebody who doesn't. The ones who get in without the degree often go through accelerated pre-dental programs at the actual dental schools (UNLV and UOP both have this. I'm sure others do also.), or they know somebody important. That being said, there are always some rare exceptions, so if you can find a way, more power to ya. I personally wouldn't risk it.
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