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NYCOM Notifications

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by D.R.HiFlo, Jan 30, 2001.

  1. D.R.HiFlo

    D.R.HiFlo Junior Member
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    Dec 4, 2000
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    Hi all,

    I had an interview on 1/10. If any of you were there, have you heard from them yet?
    I think the committee meets twice a month.
    I will call them tomorrow.

  2. AMS-007

    AMS-007 Member
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    Jun 9, 2000
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    I am third year student at NYCOM. It is my understanding that the amount of time NYCOM takes to make a decision varies depending upon the strength of the applicant's credentials. If the interview went well and they a pleased with your academics and test results, they take less time. The minimum time is 4 weeks. However, there have been individuals who have waited until two days before the new student orientation before NYCOM sent them a letter. NYCOM has three lists. There is an "accept list", there is a "accept/hold" list and a there is a "waitlist." Those students that NYCOM is really interested in are immediately sent an acceptance letter within 4-5 weeks. As students who have been accepted began to make their decision whether or not to come to NYCOM, the Committee begins to take people off the "accept/hold list" first. There are approximately 50-70 people on the "accept/hold" list in rank order. As soon as an accepted student rejects NYCOM's offer, a student on the "accept/hold" list is sent an acceptance letter. They continue down the list until they fill the class. If they run out of people in the "accept/hold" list, the committee then considers the 50-60 people who are on the "waitlist."

    Once the class is filled, the people who are on the "accept/hold" list and "waitlist" are sent the infamous "I am sorry to inform you" letter.

    Despite all of this elaborate procedures and handwaving, you should be aware that NYCOM wants students who are sincerely interested in coming to NYCOM. If you honestly want to attend NYCOM, call or write to Mr. Schaeffer, the Director of Admissions. He is a very nice and reasonable person. If you show how interested you are in NYCOM, he will keep what you say in mind when your application goes before the Committee. It is not time for you to panic yet. It has not even been four weeks yet since your interview. Relax. Calm down. Everything will be fine. If you don't hear from them in 5-6 weeks give the Admissions Office a call and have a heart-to-heart with them.

    Good Luck!!!

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