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NYCOM waitlists


Full Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 8, 2004
right here
Hey - I was wondering if there are any NYCOMers out there who are informed about the whole waitlist process there. Specifically, I got waitlisted today and it's not the priority waitlist. NYCOM is my first choice, and I got in at anothers school. So I'm putting out $1500 to hold that spot and praying like hell that there's a chance. Do they ever actually reject anyone after interviews? Why two waitlists? and do they ever even use the second waitlist? Any success stories out there?

Any input would be appreciated!


Senior Member
15+ Year Member
Sep 29, 2003
York Pennsylvania
  1. Attending Physician
Relax, 1500 dollars is not much considering how much you'll be making in the future. I was waitlist for nycom as well, and made a 4000 dollar deposit at another school. Luckily that school gave me back 75% so I lost 1k, but i dont care though.

I was waitlisted and nycom accepted 1.5 weeks before class started.

I think youre in a better position than I was. Same thing happened to a 2nd year at nycom as well... he was accepted like a week before class started the previous year.

HOpe that makes you feel better.
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