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NYMC and Albany

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Daredevil, Dec 6, 2001.

  1. Daredevil

    Daredevil Senior Member

    Jul 28, 2001
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    Attending Physician
    Albany is pretty far from Valhalla, where NYMC is located. NYMC is just a metro north ride away from NYC, so you might need about 5-6 hrs to go from one to the other.

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  3. altaskier

    altaskier Altaholics Anonymous 92'

    Nov 12, 2001
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    well how far is albany from manhattan?
  4. about a 3 hour drive once you get just outside of NYC. I can't say exactly how long a bus ride would be. Med school admissions are crazy; Albany was one of the first schools to reject me, but NYMC interviewed me and Tufts and SLU accepted me. I really didn't like the idea of spending 4 years in Albany, so I'm not in the least unhappy that I ended up in Boston, but I have heard very good things about AMC.

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