NYMC News this week

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Nov 19, 2007
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Anyone hear from NYMC this week? I apoligize if my incessant NYMC posting is annoying anyone, but I'm rapidly losing patientce.:mad:

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One more time...anyone hear from NYMC this week. The Adcom meets every week so I imagine they made some decisions this week...
even if they made a decision, the dean still has to sign off on it, and it still has to get entered into the computer before they contact you. so dont get too worried if you dont hear the day after the committee reviews your application.
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nope. Still waiting for their snail mail. I interviewed on 11/13. probably WL or rejection b/c I didn't receive any emails from them.
I interviewed at NYMC in December. No word yet for me. Anyone else?
They e-mailed me 2 weeks ago asking for Fall grades.

I hope they invite me for an interview:love:

DOes anyone know when their ADCOM meets?
I heard they meet on Wednesdays. Hopefully by thursday/friday we will hear something.
i would realllllly appreciate an interview from NYMC too !! :luck::luck::luck:
i interviewed mid november and was accepted late january. so it could still be some time if you interviewed in december..