NYMC news?

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Nov 30, 2003
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Did anyone who interviewed in Jan hear anything back yet? Or is there any new information out there I should know about?

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i interviewed mid jan, nothing yet
Has anyone tried calling the office to get updated on their status?
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hannah, you should try it, and let me know haha
I interviewed at the end of January. You can check your status on the NYMC website. I did and it said decision pending committee review.
I tried, but I can't seem to get past those voice messages, and talk to someone at the office. :laugh:
I interviewed the middle of December and I didn't hear until a week ago so it might be a little while. When I interviewed they had said about 8 weeks but when I called they said more like 10-12.
I just found out that nymc sent an acceptance package to my permanent address yesterday. The website still says pending review. So, evidently, dont put too much stock in that. I interviewed 1/20. Best of luck to everyone!
bry, did you already receive the package?? how did you find out?? i interviewed a few days before you, and still nothng
i found out b/c it just so happened that the day of my monthly call home to say hello to the family, it arrived in the mail. They waited to speak to me before they opened it. I just found it weird that it would be sent to my permanent address. Let's hope that my stepmother read it correctly.... they are mailing it to me on monday, so we shall see :)
I got my waitlist letter today out in california, and it was dated March 30.

I interviewed on 1/26.
interviewed first week jan, acceptance letter dated 1/23