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NYS MPJE Materials & Federal Law


New Member
Jan 30, 2013
Hello, recently passed NY MPJE and is selling my NYS and Federal Materials. Will be shipping from NYS. PM me for more information in regards to the following sales:

1. NYS MPJE Dr. Cutie Materials (Federal and NYS Laws) - Brand new, no writing, but you'll find a lot of post-its (I used post-its so I won't have to write on the material) - Bought it for $135, I'm asking for $120 + shipping (your choice of shipping will be added to the cost - UPS, USPS, Fedex). This is excellent material, I passed MPJE within 3 weeks of receiving this in the mail. I took NYS MPJE 7 times previously. I was thinking I know my stuff and I didn't want to buy any study materials (and to save money, heck that turned out for me with exam fees), but threw in the towel and decided to buy Dr. Cutie's materials since everyone I spoke to raved about it. Some information in there is old stuff, but you just have to be careful and read the date of posting (1999 vs 2009) on the material. For example, regarding Physician Assistants, in one page dated from 1999 it'll say they can't prescribe C2, but then if you read further and and come across 2007, it'll say they can. So you have to study smartly when you use Dr. Cutie's materials.

2. Manan H. Schroff's Federal Pharmacy Law Test 1 - Electronic file, consisting of 150 test questions. Bought it for $35, I'm asking for $25. I used these questions for 4 weeks and then felt I needed more practice because I memorized the answers. This is good information, I felt some of the questions were on the exam when I took it.

3. Manan H. Schroff's Federal Pharmacy Law Test 2 - Electronic file, consisting of 150 test questions. They're different than Test 1 questions. Bought it also for $35, I'm asking for $25. Good addition to the Test 1 cd. I needed to see more questions and this gave me GREAT practice for the exam. The exam itself is 90 questions and via the computer, so these CD questions make it felt like I was taking the real thing.

As always, prices are negotiable. Please PM me to discuss.


New Member
Mar 2, 2013
  1. Pharmacy Student
i would like to ask you about the Dr. Cutie's review classes? were they helpfull? only study material is enough or we need other material to review for exam? what about the compounding exam reviw?
i will be taking all of NY exam in june and needed help on the exams.
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