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Aug 27, 2017
  1. Pharmacy Student
I am selling Dr Cutie's NY MPJE Notes, 2017 version AND Dr. Cutie's Part III lecture notes 2017 version.

The MPJE is a total of 614 pages and was from the actual June 2017 lecture. Your getting the most updated version with insider notes from the actual lecture held at the school.
The Part III lecture notes includes the latest inside advice about multiple infusions straight from the 2017 lecture .

  1. Controlled Substances NY State fully updated from the actual June 2017 lecture.
  2. DEA Pharmacist's Manual
  3. DEA FAQ
  4. Federal Law Review, customized for NY, NJ, FL, and CT
  5. Licensing Review NYS Law Practice Questions 2017
  6. Licensing Review NYS Law/Pharmacy Board Review (Final Overview for MPJE)
PM me if interested.

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