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May 6, 2002
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That's what I did. As long as your PS laid out the reasons you want to be a doctor (aka key motivational factors), then it shouldn't be a problem.
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Jun 22, 2002
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aaaah, thanks for your replies guys. but i have ANOTHER (gasp!) question. i've been working at nyu for the past 3 summers, so in my ps it says something like "and through my research at nyu medical center blah blah blah... and in my volunteer experience in nyu's tisch hospital blah blah blah..." i'm guessing i should re-word it since the application is FOR nyu and so that it doesn't sound like i copied and pasted my amcas essay. but any suggestions on how to go about that? i'm full of questions today! ;)


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Jan 18, 2002
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Hope you don't mind if I borrow your post to ask a question about NYU. The new search function sucks and gives me every post that has the words New, York, and University! :mad:
On an enclosed note from the admission committee, it says that "Applicants with GPAs below 3.4 and MCAT scores below 10 in the science sections are urged to strengthen their academic credentials before applying to NYU."
Does that mean they won't even consider my application if I don't have those numbers. (My GPA is below 3.4)
Does anyone know?
Jan 5, 2002
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I called NYU's admissions committee. Although it's impossible, you would be working against astronomical odds. My feeling is that they do the first cut because they have many applications with high GPA and MCAT. NYU is a very number conscious school and quite popular due to its lower manhattan location.
I'd look elsewhere for a realistic acceptance, because I'm sure some other schools would be more preceptive to your talents.

On the other hand, if you can spare the application fee, I'd say apply anyways. But don't count on getting an interview invitation from them.


i know for a fact that people (urm n=1; non-urm n=4) have gotten in with non 30 mcat scores (or above 30 and sub 10 in a section) and mid range gpas (3.4-3.6) from a good-but-not-stellar-school (my undergrad) with nothing supercrazyawesome on their apps besides being great writers/interviewers, committed, volunteered (which is quite enough) etc... nyu gives that as a reasonable warning, for your chances are diminshed, but not quite as impossible as they make it out to be. goodluck.

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Apr 28, 2002
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Yeah, I used my PS too.

Average stats for NYU acceptance are.... drum roll please.... 3.7 gpa / 33 MCAT (11+ in both sciences).

So Jazzzzzzzz, it's your decision but unless you're a URM or have a recommendation from the US surgeon general, your chances are slim. I'm not saying it's impossible, just highly unlikely.... but hey, if you've got the extra cash, what do you have to loose?

Good luck :)
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