For anyone who's interested, I got my OAT admittance card today! Yippee! I exist!! I got my first choice testing site and got a nice hotel room two minutes away.



I'm freaking out over O Chem, Physics, and Quantitative--the ones I can't get a 340 or plus in no matter how hard I try. Hopefully I can pull it off. I'm studying every minute I'm no tin class or at work.


It's a boy !!!
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you guys will do fine.. the important thing to remember is to breathe. I get major test anxiety on big tests and I have to remember to sit back, clear my head, breathe, and then go back to it. Hopefully it helped me on the pharm test I'm getting back today (ahhh!)

Y'all will do fine. You've worked your butts off!! Good luck!! :D :D Let us know how it goes.
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