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Mar 12, 2009

I'm selling the following materials together; sorry, but I'm not looking to break up the set; I'm asking for $300.00, but you may make me an offer:

1. Dr. Jim Romano's, OAT Destroyer (2009): 400+ pages; spiral-bound (so, it stays open flat; this is the only way this book is available). Covers organic chemistry (210 questions/solutions), general chemistry (212 questions/solutions), biology (350 questions/solutions), and quantitative reasoning (153 questions/solutions). A very useful book (the solutions tend to be well-written, and the questions show up often on the actual exam [certainly they did on the one I took]); the source I primarily used to study for the O.A.T. Book is in brand-new condition.

2. OAT Destroyer: Physics: 100+ pages. Part of the Destroyer set, but sold as a separate book; 147 questions/solutions. Brand-new condition.

3. Kaplan OAT 2009–2010 Edition: 297 pages. Includes two full-length actual tests. I find the solutions to be quite useful and understandable. Brand-new condition.

4. Kaplan OAT Lesson Book: 324 pages. Distributed by Kaplan when you take their prep. course. Used: pencil-markings and some water-damage; book is still perfectly usable.

5. Kaplan OAT Quicksheets: Distributed by Kaplan when you take their prep. course. Physics, quantitative reasoning, organic chemistry, and biology. These will be photocopies (good, legible quality).

6. Kaplan Noteboard: Distributed by Kaplan when you take their prep. course. Just a reusable laminated sheet you can use for scratch-work (using a dry-erase marker [not included]). Clean.

7. Kaplan OAT Flashcards: Distributed by Kaplan when you take their prep. course. Card-sets on physics, biology, general chemistry, quantitative reasoning, and organic chemistry. Brand-new condition.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send a P.M. to me. This sale shall be final: unless I've erred in my description or in shipping, I shall not issue a refund (so, please don't think you'll use the materials to study, then return them to me).

Thanks, and good luck on the test.
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