Oct 6, 2009
Kaplan OAT Course Materials available for sale:
- OAT Review Notes (1200+ pages)
- OAT Lesson Book (300+ pages)
- Kaplan flashcards (Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Quantitative Reasoning)
- Erase board and marker for practice
- Kaplan review laminated Quicksheets (Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Quantitative Reasoning

The material has underlining in multiple colors of ink to enhance the studying since everything in the book is black and white. Work-outs to problems are in pencil.

I paid $1,400 for the class. Asking $300 for everything-shipping included.

1) KAPLAN OAT book: Comes with 2 full length exams, detailed answer explanations, strategies for the computer based exam, hundreds of practice questions. The book was $32, I will throw this into the package.

2) Additional study guide/summary pages typed in an organized manner which correlate to the big 1200 page book.

3)Additional flashcards I've put together for each topic I felt would better enhance the studying. (The organic chem cards I've made are especially good. They have all the reactions you need to know on flashcards)

4) Additional Diagnostic full length booklet OAT from Kaplan. Workouts are in pencil so can be erased.

5) Additional DAT full length e-mailed to you. Remember the physics section is not on this full length and you can disregard the perceptual ability section not tested on the OAT.

6) Worked out problems from hundreds of additional KAPLAN OAT full length tests which were solved online and re-written on paper for additional practice. I can no longer log onto KAPLAN online, but I have many of these worked out problems on paper from the full lengths.

7) A printed copy of a full length OAT and DAT that is also available online, but I am including this already printed out. You can use all the sections on the DAT except for the perceptual ability which is not tested on the OAT.

8) Pages of additional notes, problems and formulas from other sources all covered on the OAT.

9.) I will also e-mail you with loads of links to enhance your studies for the exam. These links were extremely helpful. For example, I was able to increase my physics section by 70 pts by one amazing website.

As you can see, I am throwing in loads of additional material which will be very helpful. The price is excellent for everything in the package.

PM me at [email protected] if you are interested.