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does anyone know how the OAT is actually scored? Is it simply get x amount of questions right for a certain score or are the scores normalized based on how well "everyone" did on a particular testing date? Also, is it true that someone with an above average gpa can get below avg. OAT scores and be fine, just as someone with a low gpa can compensate with high OAT scores? thanks in advance.


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Given the time it takes for them to get scores back (seeing as there is no writing sample like in the MCAT) I must assume that the score is the score as weighted with how others did.


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They scores are weighted against how everyone on a certain testing day did. And yes, they DO take forever to get back. There's a chart in my OAT prep book from two years ago that says what the scale of number of questions right = what number on the OAT for each section, but it does change from test date to test date. It's good to get a ballpark for how well you're doing though. And yes, usually a good OAT score wil help if you have a below average GPA and vice versa.. but if you have a great GPA they're not really going to want you to have a sub-part OAT score. The average score for entrance to most OD schools is 330. (although UCB and UAB seem to be higher.. around 360 average)
hope this helps!
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