OBGYN resident dies of COVID after being tasked to treat COVID patients in ER

Do you think hospitals used COVID crisis to bully tired residents into doing dangerous rotations?

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A 28-year-old doctor from Syracuse has died after battling a serious case of COVID-19 for more than two months, according to her family.
Dr. Adeline Fagan, who was completing her second year of residency as an OB-GYN in Houston, had become infected in July while doing a rotation treating coronavirus patients in the emergency room, Syracuse.com reported.
“That morning, she went into work feeling well and excited to see patients, but by the evening she began to feel under the weather,” her family wrote on a GoFundMe page. “What started as intense flu-like symptoms escalated with in the week to a hospital stay.”

Adeline, an OB/GYN resident physician, was starting her second year of residency in Texas when she got sick. On July 8th Adeline went into work for her 12 hour shift in the ER. While she mostly works delivering babies, she was doing a rotation in the ER, treating COVID patients.
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