observe OMS team at local residency?

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Feb 27, 2007
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Hey guys, I'm starting D-School in September (trying to narrow down where, save that for another thread).

last summer, I was able to go on morning rounds with the OMS residents. Before rounds they would show me the planning stages of upcoming surgeries; show me how to fill in charts; show me x-rays and CTs; I’d listen in on them testing each other. During rounds I’d watch patient interaction, elastic/bandage change. However when clinic started, I was out of there (per my agreement with director - because "not in dental school"=complicated liabilities - I understand; they aren't messing around here). But this means I didn't really get to watch any procedures. Still, the experience was awesome, and I’d love to do it again.

I want to do it again this summer, my question is this:
what should I be requesting?

I definitely want to do rounds again, that was great. What else should I be looking to be involved with? I know that there are liabilities involved - it’s something I’m really excited to check out more closely. Please advise.