Obsessing at the last minute-help please


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Mar 14, 2003
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    Okay, I am having a difficult time on three programs: Pennsylvania Hospital, Thomas Jefferson, and Rutgers (New Brunswick) and would appreciate insight. All are good reputation programs that I am considering ranking higher than some community programs that I got a warmer and fuzzier feel from because of location, number one, and reputation, number two. My concerns about these programs are 1. late turnover to nightfloat...this may not sound like that big of a deal, but I have a new baby and not getting home every night until 7pm really sucks to me and I think may overshadow the other good things about the programs 2. seeming from interview day to be a more intense environment...whatever that is worth

    So, please offer advise if you have any experience with these programs or any opinion about the importance of the things on which I am currently using to debate these programs.

    Nothing like having major doubts up the last hour!

    The horrible thing is, right now I am feeling like the only program I'll be happy at is my number one program and if I don't get it I am seriously going to cry on Match day.


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    Sep 18, 2005
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      Hi MichMo!
      I know how you are feeling! Although I don't have any experience with any of your three programs - I am a mom (obviously by the screenname) and completely understand the late checkout thing. It's an important point to consider - a 5 pm checkout is a lot different than a 6 pm checkout - you make it home in time for dinner with the family with one and not necessarily with the other. That extra hour or two that the kids are awake and wanting to play/interact with you are some of the best parts of my day. You have to decide what you want and then turn it over to something else (luck, God, computer system, however you believe). Its not easy to choose something for your family over something for you - we've all been groomed to be high acheivers. But in the end, you decide what's best, and have faith. Good luck :luck: , its a hard choice! I hope you don't cry at match day - you still get to be an ob/gyn - which not too many people can say.


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      Aug 14, 2004
        I haven't had a ton of experience with this program, but I did interview there this season. They have a lot of off-service rotations (compared to other programs I've visited) your first year; internal med, EM, etc. that are less intensive in hours. This may help you transition into residency more smoothly while you are caring for the new baby (congratulations!).

        Also, I found the residents to be among the more friendly and content on the interview trail. While very subjective, I didn't see much of an intense, high-stress, or charged working environment.

        I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Best of luck with your difficult decision!


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        Nov 27, 2006
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          I can understand what you're going through. It can be really tough as a mother (new or veteran) to leave for work and your child is sleeping, and then to come home, and your child is sleeping. How important is being involved in your child's life to you? Don't take this the wrong way, because for some people, it's WAY important, and for other women, while they love their children, motherhood isn't as fulfilling to them. No judgement either way. But you will need to think about that, and then see which program best fits into what you want for your life, EVERY aspect of your life. Do you think you might want to do a fellowship? Can the community programs give you the research, mentors, etc that you need to achieve that goal? If you think you are pretty sure to be a generalist, and family is a high priority for you, the warm and fuzzy programs may be for you. Don't think of it as settling. I had this same discussion with another girl in my class. We're this big academic program with a high emphasis on research, fellowships, etc, and we were both feeling like "are we selling ourselves short to go the more cushy, friendly route at a less well named program?" Who cares, unless it might hinder your future career (ie, they have poor traning, or you want a competitive fellowship). If it won't, then go be warm and fuzzy, get nurtured, and have fun being a mother. This first year is so fun. You'll make the right choice. :)

          I know nothing about the programs you interviewed, but a girl from my school is at Thomas Jefferson. She didn't expect to like it but I think she did an away rotation there and ended up loving it, so she's now a first year intern. Her name is Lindsay Hower. She's really nice (definitely the warm and fuzzy type), and I bet any program she chose would be a great place to be academically and lifestyle wise. Good luck.:luck:
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