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Obstructive Diseases and Inspiratory Obstruction?


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Jul 3, 2018
Hi everyone! I just had a query regarding obstructive lung diseases that I was confused about. Seems like I've forgotten since preclin why it works. Obstructive lung diseases basically have an obstruction in the airways (e.g. mucus plugging or airway collapse etc.). This results in an expiratory outflow obstruction where they expire significantly less air. However, no textbook mentions whether obstruction affects the lung when you're inspiring and whether it would be to the same extent as the expiratory one? I haven't found any sources discussing it but if anyone would be able to help me, I'd really appreciate it :) Thanks everyone!


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Feb 12, 2017
  1. Medical Student
Will depend on the actual cause of obstruction. There often will be an affect on inspiration, but the extent will vary. Something like a fixed obstruction will have a great effect on both inspiration and expiration, whereas other conditions will have a greater affect on one or the other.

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