Occupational Therapy/ Physical Therapy Scholarship Program Application(New York)

Aug 15, 2009
New York, NY
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  1. DPT / OTD
Does anyone have any information on the Occupational Therapy/ Physical Therapy Scholarship Program in New York?

Here's what I know: It is a full scholarship for the tuition of the last two years of a DPT program. In exchange for this scholarship, you are expected to work in the New York City school system for 2 years for each year the scholarship is received. That's the limit of my knowledge.

I would appreciate any advice or info anyone else has about the program.

Here are some of my more specific questions: Will the two years in the education system lessen my chance of being hired by people I have worked with in clinical internships? In other words, do employers tend to give jobs to newly graduated students that have recently finished their internships with them? I have read that many PTs are placed in schools providing assistance to children on the autism spectrum. I am interested in working with autistic children, is it true that there majority of placements are in these types of schools? Is employment in the Public Sector looked upon favorably by PT employers? How difficult is it to find these jobs? Are the job opportunities as numerous as jobs in hospitals and private clinics?
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