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As you may remember, my father is an OD, and do I have a cool story. Yesturady he received a call from a mother of a patient that he saw a couple of weeks ago. She was thanking him for saving her daughters life...yes, SAVING HER LIFE. The daughter had been having awful headaches the previous two weeks and had been to the emergency room twice but they found nothing. As he was examening her, he notice something in her eye (I don't know what). Well, when the girl was 7 (now 15), she had a brain tumor removed, so of course he made her go back to her nurologist. When they went to the nurologist, the mom told him what my dad had said, and he responded, "WHY didn't you talk her to an opthalmologist?" What a jerk! Well, after taking a look himself, he confirmed exactly what my dad diagnost it as...the shunt from the brain surgury was blocked causeing preasure build up in the brain. He said if it wasn't caught soon it probably would have killed her. So the moral of the story is, two MD's missed it and a OD not only caught it, but nailed its diagnosis. HA HA!
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