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Offering housing in DC

Discussion in 'Housing (Temporary and Long-term)' started by peaceyall, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. peaceyall

    Apr 29, 2007
    Likes Received:
    hi everyone,

    i'm offering housing in dc (which happens to be in a totally convenient location for howard students) and came across this forum as i was looking for roommates. i've written a description below and can also send along pictures. feel free to PM if interested. i know the dc area pretty well, so can also answer questions about different neighborhoods.


    [SIZE=-1] this is one bedroom in a sunny 2br/1bath condo for $950/month which includes utilities (water, ac, electricity, wireless internet, monthly cleaning) and it's furnished.

    it's near georgia ave/petworth metro stop on the green line and is an 8-10 minute walk to the metro.

    features include:
    - washer/dryer
    - wireless internet
    - cable television
    - new appliances
    - deck
    - fireplace
    - awesome bathroom
    - high ceilings
    - lots of sun
    - plenty of street parking

    the room is pretty large (13.5 x 11 feet) and is furnished with a bed, desk, and dresser, with a spacious closet.

    you'll be sharing the condo with me (25/f). i enjoy cooking, reading, cafes, foreign & indie films, theatre, and biking. i love npr, brunch, and dark chocolate. i'm pretty low key and keep it fairly quiet at home.

    security deposit is equal to 1 month's rent and females preferred. like to keep common space nice and tidy. [/SIZE]
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