OFFICIAL: 8-02 MCAT SCORE to estimate sdn percentile.



If we get the numbers up, we can get a pretty bell curve and estimate SDN combined score distributions.
Mean is easy, and SD is easy enough to predict with a well-defined curve. Let's try? This will either be a hit or a flop, depending on your participation. Remember, this is anonymous.

In designing the poll, since we only get 10 spots, I will assume SDN mean is a 28.5, thus:


will be our interval. If you scored below a 19 or above a 38, I'd hate to exclude you based on the strongly negative connotation of exclusion, but there aren't enough spaces to cover the spectrum. I anticipate less than 5% fall in those ranges anyway so it should hold little bearing on this study.



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May 5, 2002
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Great idea! I'd vote but I took the 4-02 MCAT, so I was wondering why it was limited to only 8-02 since the distrubtion should be pretty much the same from test to test right? Anyway, those that can please vote. It won't be any good if only those that got good scores vote.


You have to be kidding. Either SDN is the creme de la creme or somebody's not tellin' the whole truth. So far, the statistics are as follows:

score percentile
37 ......... 90
35 ......... 78
33 ......... 66
31 ......... 50
29 ......... 27
27 ......... 13
25 ......... 9
23 ......... 5
21 ......... 3
19 ......... 0

Seeing as, on the national level, a 24 is 50th percentile, I find it hard to believe that a 31 is SDN's. From now on, all recent MCAT'ers are free to vote. Then again, maybe this is accurate...who am I to judge?

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Sep 1, 2002
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I think this web site attracts the smarties in the crowd and that there really are alot of really high scorers. Bravo for us! :clap:

In my experiences here I have seen some really smart, motivated people and the fact that we're all sharing and talking together is very positive. It definitely makes me feel encouraged and supported. I'm sure this must skew the stats from the national average, tho.


anyway it's starting to look better. I would say part of the fact that a 37 is 91th percentile is that this site does attract the smarties. I'd also say there is the 'troll-factor' designed by trolls to rile us up. But hey who's pointin' fingers?
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