Official "Last Days Interviews Will be Offered at ___ Medical School" Thread


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Jan 31, 2007
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For all of you thinking about if you still have a chance to interview at your dream school, here is a compilation of when the last day of interviews will be at various medical schools. Please add additional schools and days once you precisely know...

Tufts: last invitations mailed out by end of February
Loyola Stritch: Last interview will be end of April (Invitations get sent out two weeks prior to that)
VCU: Last interviews until the end of february
University of Maryland: Last interview is end of March (possibly into middle of April) Invitations are usually sent out one week ahead of that.
GWU: Interviews until the end of March (invitations are sent out a couple weeks ahead of that)
Jefferson Medical College: last day of Interviews is in mid-April (will be notified a couple weeks before that)
Temple: Interviews until middle of April
NJMS: Interviews until end of March
Tulane: Interviews until the middle of March
University of Vermont: middle of April is when last interviews occur
Albany Medical College: Last interviews in mid-May
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