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Oh dear God! What have I done?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Garibaldo, Apr 25, 2000.

  1. Garibaldo

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    Apr 14, 2000
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    I'm a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and I'm also a pre-med. I've been trying really hard in the last two years to do well, but I've also been goofing off a little too much to realistically be a pre-med. I really got screwed the fall semester of my sophomore year when I got a C in both Organic Chemistry and Biology. To make a long story short, I didn't think about the layout of my finals and they all hit me on two days and I took Human Physiology on top of those courses to make a total of three hardcore science courses in one semester. Pretty dumb, huh? I thought so in retrospect. I've only been able to pull off two B's this semester in Ochem 2 and Physics (I didn't take it in high school). My GPA is currently a 3.0 cum. and 2.7 science. I think I can bring the science GPA up to a 3.2-3.3 after this semester and Junior year (if I do really well). I've never had any doubts about medicine as a career choice. I was wondering what I should do at this point. I did lab research at UC Davis during my freshmen summer and I'm most likely going to be working as a student researcher this summer too. I'm pretty sure I know my stuff and I can score in the 30's on the MCAT (took a practice exam recently). Should I apply to all of the lower tier MD schools, all of the international schools (even the Caribbean), and the DO schools? Also, I'll apply year after year if that's what it takes. What should I do if I don't get accepted? Should I enter a post-bac program and work towards a PhD while reapplying to med school every year? Or should I get a job as a graduate researcher and do that for a while? I would really appreciate any info at this point.


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