Oh man! I was so close to an A! But the prof gave me a B! Anyways, how do my 1st


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Jul 5, 2007
    Well, I was .12 away from getting an A in Biology, but whatever (ended up with a B)! That's not the only class; it also happened in a core class. Do this stuff happen a lot to premeds?

    On the second note, here are my finalized 1st semester stats:

    Cum GPA: 3.5
    Science GPA: 3.51

    --Assuming most of you have partially or fully mastered the art of being a premed, do you think I am on good track? I dont know why, but I feel like I had to bust my butt to pull off a simple 3.5. I was aiming for a much higher GPA.


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    Oct 16, 2008
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      1. keep working harder to improve your gpa, especially your science gpa
      2. do not begin to stress over .12....you will freak out when it is time for the mcat and application process....take everything with a grain of salt.
      3. obviously you need to do well in the BCPM classes and pre reqs.
      4. expand your horizons, extra curriculars, and research
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      Aug 22, 2007
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        It happens, in almost all my pre-reqs there was no +/-'s given and no rounding, so 89.99, you got that B. It sucks and unfortunately there is a huge difference between 3.0 and 4.0 compared with that .01. Life isn't fair though, move on you will be fine.


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        Nov 30, 2008
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          That stinks that some of your schools have no +/- !

          In response to the OP, I think looking back on my own pre-med journey leading up to my application, there were courses in which I just missed getting that top grade and courses where I just got that top grade. I feel like if you put in the effort and hard work, in the end, things even out and you end up where you deserve to be.

          I think an upward trend speaks volumes to adcoms. Keep improving each semester as you become a more efficient and well adjusted premed student.
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