Ohio State University (OSU) vs. University of Maryland (UMD)?


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Aug 13, 2008
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Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or insights comparing these two schools. I really liked both but am currently leaning towards Ohio State. I am not a resident of either state, so that is not a factor. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! :)


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May 10, 2007
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I really liked UMD when I was there. It seemed like an awesome place to practice medicine. The people were super friendly, there is a lot of patient care and clinical stuff that goes on, they have world class research, and their hospital is just awesome. Plus you do clinicals in the shock trauma place which is amazing. They have new facilities and it is closeish to NYC and Philly to escape from Baltimore...if you do not like Baltimore...

I do not know anything about Ohio State since I could not finish their secondary:rolleyes:


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Jul 11, 2008
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I too am deciding between OSU and several other schools, and am also leaning towards OSU. However, I dont know anything about Maryland. I am sure it too is a fine school and if you do well at either one you can do whatever you want.

At OSU you can pay instate tuition after your first year, so that is a serious consideration. Some things I liked about OSU, very good reputation, good match list, lots of research going on, huge hospital with lots of opprtunity to get invloved with whatever interests you. The students I met that day also seemed very down to earth and sociable, though thats always hard to know for sure because you dont really meet that many. I also liked their curriculum beacuse they only have 3 hours of lecture a day and not too many afternoon small group things. But I prefer sort of independent learning, so I like a curriculum with a lot of free time. Also, if you don't need a huge metropolis or sunny weather everyday Columbus seems like a pretty fun place to spend four years. It is a real city but also has sort of a college feel which is kind of fun.
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