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Ohio State

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by AJ, Apr 9, 2000.

  1. AJ

    AJ Junior Member
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    Apr 8, 2000
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    It looks like I will be attending OSU this coming fall. I am moving there this summer and am interested in the off-campus housing situation. Any advice as to where to live and where not to would be much appreciated. Also any advice about the school or town. Thanks
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  3. spo0k

    spo0k Junior Member

    Mar 23, 2000
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    Welcome to Columbus, and dont listen to the rumors that we are simply a farm/cow town. As for living situation, it really depends on how much you want to spend. I can say the avg for a cheaper 1 bdrm off-campus is 350-450 a month and nicer ones being between 400-500+. Utilities in this area avg to be about $70-100 a month depending on whether you have gas or electric heating. There are plenty of apartments on campus though (not regulated through the university) and the university district is somewhat of a hot spot in this area, also, the apartments tend to cost a bit less (though certainly not new or as nice)

    Either way, there is no shortage of open apartments anywhere in Columbus, but if you'd like suggestions as to the nicer areas, Dublin(NW Columbus) Gradview(Central Columbus) Worthington(North) Hilliard(West) Gahanna(Northeast) all tend to be the nicer areas, and are all no more than 20-30 mins from campus (mostly due to traffic).

    Hope I could be of help, if you'd like any more info feel free to email me at [email protected]


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