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Ohio vs NY residency for medical school

Should I maintain NY residency or change to Ohio residency ?

  • Maintain NY residency

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2+ Year Member
Nov 11, 2016
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello friends! I have been living in Ohio for the past year, and I have the opportunity to switch my residency from NY to Ohio. I have strong ties to NY, as I grew up there. I know residency is one factor public medical schools consider when viewing a candidate's application. Does anyone have any insight as to whether switching to Ohio residency would be a good move to get into medical school? Is it easier for Ohio residents to get into Ohio schools or NY residents to get into NY schools?

Based off my own research it seems like Northeast Ohio Medical University and Toledo are the only Ohio medical schools that give truly give preference to instate. It seems like there are 4 public NY medical schools that all do give preference, however it also seems like they receive more applicants and the pool is more competitive. If any one has any insight, I would really appreciate it.
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Full Member
2+ Year Member
Sep 17, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
AAMC 2019-20 Matriculation by In-state/Out-of-State

From this data, last year New York had 30.9% of all applicants matriculate In-State, and 16.4% Out-of-State.

Ohio was 32.4% and 13.5% last year.

Going off of raw data alone, the decision is mostly equal, so it really goes up to your personal preference to what In-state schools you want to have a better chance of attending. I personally think the In-state New York schools that give preference to New Yorkers are better than NEOMED and Toledo. You have a good chance of getting into both Cincy and OSU applying as a New York resident, so that is what I would do in this scenario.
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