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Apr 1, 2017
School 1: OHSU
  • Beautiful facilities
  • P/F
  • near my sister (won’t be living with her)
  • Love Portland and feel comfortable there
  • Very clinic focused, basically done with class in fall D3

  • Cost $354k w/o living expenses
  • Letter of commendation with 93+ percent in class
  • Lack of diversity
  • I don’t know anyone in Portland besides my sis and one friend i made during a research program at ohsu
School 2: Tufts
  • Scholarship making cost $279k w/o living expenses
  • Mission trips
  • Student hub = Boston
  • Friendly students/faculty
  • Curriculum seems cool, although some classes are in another building
  • Already have a few connections with students there
  • Good externship options?

  • I don’t like Boston really
  • Cold/snow
  • Closest fam is aunts/uncles in NY
  • Not P/F
  • Some students have to beg for patients for specific requirements
  • Expensive cost of living
  • 200 class size

    School 3: LLU
    • Sunny Californiaaaa where I grew up
    • Old friends and near parents
    • Mission trips

    • Cons:
    • $379k + little living expense if i move back in with my parents which i don’t want to do.
    • Problems with new curriculum
    • The school is basically in the basement of the building so I’d barely get to see the sun
Summary: I already submitted my deposit to OHSU but Tufts gave me a big scholarship some hours ago. The deadline for deposits is tomorrow. I’m planning on calling the schools in the morning to see if I can negotiate scholarships/cost. I’m also applying to HPSP but won’t know if I got it until March. Please let me know your opinion on these schools and what you think would be best!
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Jul 1, 2019
I was in a similar position as you, choosing between OHSU and Minnesota, but ultimately ended up choosing OHSU since I found out I got the HPSP! As for your cons listed for OHSU, if you get the scholarship, you can eliminate cost. Letters of commendation are really only relevant if you end up wanting to specialize, and if you have the HPSP scholarship, there's the opportunity to do a year of residency so there's also that option. I also know no one out in Portland, but decided to make the leap and know there's going to be others in my situation too and that I'll find a group of friends eventually! Feel free to dm me if you want to talk more!!
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