OHSU (Oregon) vs Albany

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May 9, 2017
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I was accepted to one of these schools literally yesterday. Thank GOD 4/30 is a Saturday so I can at least have the weekend to decide. I have no idea what the best move is so I am turning it over to internet strangers!

I'm interested in surgical specialties, particularly plastics or anesthesia. Not dead set on it though.

OHSU pros:

- Closer to family/friends/support system

- condensed 18 month pre-clinical and integrated curriculum

- true P/F

- longitudinal research projects through all 4 years

- 100% POST-soap rate (data not available for pre-soap rate)

OHSU cons:

- 15K/yr more expensive than AMC

- higher COL

- I've done all of my education thus far in the PNW - maybe closing myself off to making more connections?

Albany Pros:

- 15K/yr less expensive and cheaper COL

- MD with distinction tracks in research, bioethics, advocacy, etc - maybe make for a more competitive residency app?

- 2+ 2 curriculum with 3 month summer break to do research, gain clinical experience, etc

- recently updated curriculum that is systems-based instead of 2 pass normal/abnormal set up.

Albany cons:

- far away from family/friends on west coast

- modified P/F ("excellent, good, marginal, unsatisfactory")

- 93% pre-soap match rate (but 98% post-soap match rate)


- Both affiliated with level 1 trauma centers, both teaching hospitals, both have in-house residency programs in my current interests.

ANY INSIGHT WOULD BE APPRECIATED! I'm very indecisive and also am navigating this process blind as I'm the only one in my friends/fam to pursue medicine. Thanks in advance!!!

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OHSU 100%. Not even a debate. Much better school, closer to family, true p/f, much better curriculum, seems like you like it more. For $60k difference I would take OHSU and run with it.
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Ehhh the one tangible pro albany has going for it is the cost. Only you can decide whether 60k is worth it to be far away from family etc.

I understand you're looking for new experiences/locations but Albany isn't really the most exciting place haha. You could always try somewhere new for residency.