ok, i am dumb, i know....

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Sep 29, 2001
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ok guys..........

here's a new spin on the amcas situation. i realized that the reason i have not heard from any more schools after my initial 6 interviews is because i am not verified. didn't think it would be a problem, but whatever. so i decided to try a new strategy. i called amcas and was super nice to them. i told them that i felt bad that so many things are going wrong. next thing i know i am talking to mr. cohen himself. that's right, the woman put me through to the president's office. 22 minutes later, at 5:36 on a friday night, i was verified. and i didn't even have to pay a lawyer to draft a letter!

here comes the dume part....what is the difference between red and blue x's??

:D :D :D

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Well, blue X's appear next to your coursework when you click print application if something had to be changed. You have a date processed??? I want a date processed. I've got the slashes and red X's...
You actually spoke to THE Jordan Cohen??? I thought that he was just an enigma...
And I went to the trouble of having my roommate's girlfriend's (cousin's second uncle's dad's mistress' hairdresser's dog) write me a legal letter...
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Very impressive. You must have been super nice!
wow, ew nice job...

ok, so how do we know when they are done processing our app? i have a processing date of 10/12 (submitted 7/8)...if we have a date, does that mean that they are done and are transmitting our app to schools?
Yes, I do believe it means that, but with AMCAS nothing is ever certain.