Nov 18, 2013
Hello, I am currently a B.S.N. nursing student at Oregon Health and Science University. I will be graduating this upcoming spring 2014. I have decided I want to continue my education and apply to medical school. I do not recommend the route I have taken to anyone, however from a clinical/functional standpoint I feel my education will be applicable and I have decided this is the future I want to pursue. The prerequisite courses for nursing school differ from those for medical school and I will need to take a full year of Ochem, general physics, and general biology (all of which incorporate a lab component) starting fall quarter of 2014.

Since many of you have already completed these courses I would like to hear your opinion as to if it is feasible for me to take all three courses at once? I will not be working or focused on other EC's, but I want to maintain a high GPA and set myself up to do well on the MCAT. If I went through this process I would be able to apply by July or August of 2015.

My second option is to take two years to complete these courses (and maybe a couple of extra chem or biochem courses) and work part-time as an RN to build clinical experience and hopefully develop some successful contacts and gather strong letters of recommendation. Via this route I would not be able to apply until July of 2016.

This first route is much more appeasing to me. I just want to make sure I am not getting in over my head. Your opinions are greatly appreciated!

May 22, 2013
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