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Jan 28, 2002
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I am going to take board exam next summer(2004).
I already purchased recent edition of dental deck last year. (I know..I was too much motivated at that time):(
The thing is that there will be a new edition of dental deck next year
like january.. I am worrying that there will be a lot difference between these two editions..
what do you think, guys? Do I have to sell it to someone taking exam on Dec. and buy new edition again?

Is there any one who studied with old edition of dental deck?:rolleyes:


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Dec 13, 2001
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The 2004 Edition of the Dental Decks will include explanation flashcards for the 1998 ADA released NBDE Part 1 exam.

Dental Decks are pretty much question explanations for all the old ADA released exams. That is why they both (Dental Decks and ADA released old NBDE Part 1) only release once every three years (for example, Dental Decks are available in 1995 edition, 1998 edition, and 2001 edition).

The current latest Edition, 2001, is pretty good in my opinion. I would never go with the 1998 edition of the Dental Decks though. There are two options of what you can do:

1) keep the 2001 edition and be sure to get your hands on the 1998 ADA released NBDE Part 1 exam and its explanations (I have the explanations put together by the Class of 2005 at my school- not available anywhere yet). Kaplan who usually does the explanations has not gotten to the 1998 exam yet.

2) try to sell your 2001 edition to a December tester and purchase the new edition in 2004.

Best of luck
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