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Nov 29, 2013
For interested persons in the East Tennessee area:

A large collection of medical books from the estate of the late, Dr. R.W. Trotter are for sale. The books are in good to excellent condition. They span a long time frame and were amassed over the years. They were kept in Dr. Trotter's home office. There are about 50 plus books covering a wide variety of medical topics. Some are quite old. I would like to sell all of them at one time, if possible. My father helped establish Athens Regional Hospital in Athens, TN and was the chief trauma surgeon there for years. If you are interested in the books please contact me at: 423-745--3029. Price will be reasonable and negotiable. I just want them to go to someone who could appreciate them. Leave a message if I am not available, and I will call you back.

There are a few series of non-related Time/Life books for sell, as well. The Civil War, The Old West, etc....they too, will be priced reasonably.

Bob Trotter (son)