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Jul 7, 2010
I have access to the old (pre-mcat2015) TBR books from a family member. I notice that on TBR website that most books have been updated for the new exam, and obviously the Psych/Soc book is new.

Anyone have any familiarity with both sets? Is it worth it to get the new set?


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May 25, 2007
People (such as KoalaT and OrangeBlue) used older materials and got amazing results (see their respective threads about their MCAT experiences). Some people (such as ToBeMD and Swagster) used a hybrid of old and new and got amazing results. As for people who used the entire new set, because physics was not released until March of this year, there are very few to seek out... those scores are just now rolling in. Check the July thread and see what people have to say. I can say that I have been all smiles over the latest results, both here at SDN and from students in the class. While I am very proud of how people have done with the old books, having worked two sessions now using the new books I like them better, especially the organic chemistry. The text is not that much different (the content of the test didn't change much really so the books are maybe 10% changed), but the passages and layout of chapter exams and cumulative exams is much better (IMO).